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Disability Determination Services

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Minnesota Disability Determination Services (DDS) evaluates claims for disability benefits using Social Security Administration (SSA) guidelines. The Social Security program provides benefits to persons with disabilities who are unable to work. Visit for additional information regarding Social Security's disability programs.

Mission Statement
To improve the quality of life for Minnesotans with disabilities who apply for or receive SSA disability benefits, by making timely, consistent and accurate disability determinations.

Accomplishing the Mission
SSA employs the services of the Minnesota DDS to make medical eligibility decisions for disability and blindness applicants on behalf of the commissioner of SSA. Disability examiners review submitted disability applications and request medical records from the claimant's medical sources. Examiners also correspond by phone or letter with claimants, family members, legal representatives, and others to obtain additional information necessary for the claim. Examiners are responsible for reviewing and analyzing the medical evidence, writing comprehensive assessments based on medical and vocation factors, and applying SSA regulations and policy in order to reach an eligibility determination.

DDS Professionals maintain a commitment to public service; perform meaningful, rewarding work with a direct impact on Minnesotans' quality of life; work collaboratively with medical professionals, supervisors and peers; expand their knowledge of complex medical conditions; manage an active caseload and maintain compliance with state and federal statutes

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Disability Examiner


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