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E&M Consulting, Inc.

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Business, Management and Administration| Marketing, Sales and Service

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Sales Associates; Customer Service Representatives; Graphic Artists; Editors/Writers; Administrative Professionals;

E&M Consulting, Inc. (E&M) is a publishing firm which excels in partnerships through our customer service, professional sales, and award-winning projects. E&M produces hundreds of printed and online publications annually generating millions in non-dues revenue on a no-cost, no-risk basis. E&M’s partners include hundreds of non-profit Associations and Chambers.

E&M’s philosophy of team, family, and dedication helps solidify our partnerships with clients while forging bonds of trust and respect. Our in-house designer, writer, developer, sales, and support teams are a passionate, career-driven group who help ensure that our clients’ visions are realized.

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Director of HR

(612) 473-6648

1107 Hazeltine Blvd, Suite #350

Chaska, MN



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