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Emergency Care Consultants Scribe Program

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Health Science

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full time and part time positions

Emergency Care Consultants' Scribe Program provides an opportunity to gain clinical experience for those interested in a career in medicine. Our scribes work a variety of shifts one-on-one with Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners in several Twin Cities hospitals and clinics.

As a scribe, you will play a vital role in the management of patients. You will learn how to document a chart, master medical terminology, learn how to read lab values and radiology imaging, watch numerous patient encounters, and assist providers with the challenges of multi-tasking, allowing patients to be treated and managed with greater efficiency. We also provide opportunities outside of scribing including education sessions, practice interviews, volunteer and leadership opportunities, and social events.

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Scribe Manager

(612) 439-1869

2829 University Ave SE Suite 730




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