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Evans Transportation

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Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

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Customer Service, Account Managers, Billing Analysts.

Founded in 1985 upon a core belief in customer service, Evans is a leading third-party provider of custom logistics solutions for a diverse range of shippers across North America. For maximum agility, Evans is asset-less and privately owned, fueled by unmatched technology and its uncommonly dedicated team.

Evans’ team is 100+ strong, with employees located out of our offices in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Florida!

Heart and hustle run through Evans’ veins, defining everything we do. Our team is dedicated, smart, collaborative, and uniquely hilarious. Freight management is not for the faint of heart, so we keep things light with fun events like cookout competitions and Brewers games. Evans’ management team is supportive and will work with you to make sure you have what you need to succeed. As a small-to-medium enterprise, every member of our team has a direct impact upon the growth of our customers, carrier partners, and of course, upon Evans; that’s why our slogan is Growing Together!

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Sr. HR Generalist

(262) 754-5686

440 Wells St




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