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Land O'Lakes Inc.

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Agriculture & Natural Resources Conservation| Sciences: Biological & Physical

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Business Administration & Management, General| Business/Managerial Economics| Computer Science & Programming| Marketing Management & Research

Land O’Lakes, Inc. is a 100-year-old farmer- and retailer-owned cooperative originally formed with the purpose of working together to create new market opportunities. Fast forward to today and we’ve built on that uniting spirit, as a forward-thinking organization with local and global impact, putting farmers at the heart at creating a better world.

Land O’Lakes is built from a co-op ownership model that we’re deeply proud of, a legacy of innovation and four diverse businesses actively working to shape the future of agriculture (Dairy Foods, Animal Nutrition, WinField United and Truterra). Ranked #219 on the Fortune 500 list, together we ended 2021 as a $16-billion dollar business never losing sight of the why of what we do: for the success of our farmers. We work to create sustainable futures, to help ensure a safe and plentiful food supply and to ensure vibrant communities, rooted in our belief that agriculture helps solve the world’s most pressing issues.

Land O’Lakes does business in all 50 states, more than 60 countries and is headquartered in Arden Hills, Minnesota.

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Sr. Recruitment Coordinator


4001 Lexington Ave N.

Arden Hills



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