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MPCA - MN GreenCorps

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Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources| Government and Public Administration

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MN GreenCorps Member

Minnesota GreenCorps is a statewide AmeriCorps program coordinated by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency with a mission to preserve and protect Minnesota's environment while training a new generation of environmental professionals. MN GreenCorps members serve with local governments, non-profits, and educational institutions to carry out environmental service projects for an 11-month AmeriCorps term, September to August. Members receive a training budget to attend conferences, on-site training, networking opportunities, and are paired with a professional mentor in the environmental field.

Each program year, up to 48 members serve in positions in the areas of Air Pollutant Reduction, Community Readiness & Outreach, Green Infrastructure Improvements, and Waste Reduction, Recycling, & Organics Management. Members earn a living stipend and education award and are eligible for health insurance, childcare assistance, and loan forbearance. Positions are available throughout the state.

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MN GreenCorps Program Associate Coordinator

(651) 757-2305

520 Lafayette Rd

Saint Paul



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