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Engineering| Other Manufacturing, Electricity

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Accounting| Business Administration & Management, General| Business/Managerial Economics| Engineering (Pre-Engineering), General| Engineering Technology, General| Finance, General

We are a growing, $2.5 billion global company with more than 120 locations and 10,000+ employees working together to ensure a more secure world. We’re at the beginning of our journey, which means our people have unique growth opportunities. You will help build new processes, programs and even teams. As nVent grows, we’re looking for employees who want to grow with us.

Working at nVent, you will see the impact of your work everywhere you go. The world’s infrastructure is becoming more electric, driven by technology and the need for more sustainable solutions. This creates more demand for our innovative solutions. Our products and solutions are always on, all over the world: ground rods that protect buildings from lightning strikes, cooling systems that keep critical data centers running, software that provides rich and actionable data insights on the performance of critical systems, cables that ensure hotel rooms have a reliable supply of warm water and more.

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University Recruiting Lead


1665 Utica Ave Ste 700




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