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Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center

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Education and Training

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Environmental Education Fellowships, Summer Camp Internships

Osprey Wilds is a 501(c)(3) public charity, residential environmental learning center and conference & retreat center nestled on the shores of Grindstone Lake in east-central Minnesota.

We are committed to developing an understanding, ethics and responsibility regarding the environment and stewardship through formal and informal teaching that links nature and humans. It is our goal that every visitor feels connected to the natural environment and feels that the protection of nature is also the protection of mankind.

A healthy environment starts with and is perpetuated by a personal connection to it. We been providing environmental and outdoor education programs since 1971 and are committed to providing lifelong learning experiences to people of all ages, including programming in natural history and science, team-building, adventure/challenge, wildlife, energy, outdoor skills and human history.

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Fellowship Coordinator

(320) 245-2648

54165 Audubon Dr




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