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Ramsey County

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Business, Management and Administration| Finance and Banking| Government and Public Administration| Human Services| Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

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Policy, Finance and Accounting, Clerical/Administrative, Customer Service, Public Health and Social Service roles, Management and leadership opportunities, Law Enforcement and Public Safety (including Corrections)

Ramsey County employs over 4,000 people in a variety of roles ranging from parks & recreation, health care, administration, community service, construction and so much more. We encourage a work culture where all employees are valued, diversity is welcomed, and employees can grow in their career of public service. The benefits of working at Ramsey County go far beyond pay. Come ignite you career journey by learning new skills, networking with professionals, exploring a variety of job options, all while getting paid well and serving the community.

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HR Program Admin

(651) 279-2168

121 7th Place East

St. Paul



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