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Reading Partners

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Anthropology| Area Studies, General (e.g., African, Middle Eastern)| Creative Writing| Data Management Technology| Early Childhood Education| Elementary Education| English Language & Literature, General| European Area Studies| Health & Physical Education/Fitness| Liberal Arts & General Studies*| Philosophy| Political Science & Government| Psychology, Clinical & Counseling| Public Administration & Services, General| Public Affairs & Public Policy Analysis| Public Relations & Organizational Communication| Religion| Social Studies/Sciences Education| Social Work| Spanish Language & Literature| Teacher Education, General| Teacher Education, Subject-Specific*| Women’s Studies

Reading Partners is a national nonprofit that mobilizes communities to provide students with the proven, individualized reading support they need to read at grade level by fourth grade.

We know that reading is the foundation for all future learning. The ability to read transforms lives and empowers children and communities to reach their full potential. Research shows that students who read at grade level by fourth grade have a greater opportunity to succeed in school and beyond.

That’s why we partner with under-resourced schools and engage volunteer reading partners to work one-on-one with students who struggle with reading. Our volunteers provide hour-long tutoring sessions to students— following a structured, evidence-based curriculum developed with an expert team of curriculum advisors.

Our program model works and is backed by evidence-based research which proves that our students make significant gains in reading.

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700 Raymond Ave, Suite 160

Saint Paul



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