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API Group

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Business, Management and Administration| Finance and Banking| Human Services| Information Technology| Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security| Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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Summer Internship

APi Group is a global, market-leading business services provider of safety and specialty services in over 500 locations worldwide. APi provides statutorily mandated and other contracted services to a strong base of long-standing customers across industries. We are driven by entrepreneurial business leaders to deliver innovative solutions for our customers. As our presence across the globe increases, we are striving to become the #1 people-first company in the world.

At APi Group, our purpose is clear: We Build Great Leaders.  We believe that everyone at APi is a Leader, and we provide leadership development programs across our businesses to facilitate growth. Our distinct leadership development culture creates an empowered, entrepreneurial atmosphere where our leaders can grow, thrive, and belong.

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Talent Acquisition Specialist

(651) 900-2597

1100 Old Highway 8 NW

New Brighton



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