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Minnesota Historical Society

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Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications| Education and Training| Information Technology| Marketing, Sales and Service

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Marketing and Communications, MNHS Press Design, Exhibit Devleopment, Oral history, Interpretive Program Planning, Advancement and Development, Archaeology Collections or Resource Management, Web Design, Book and Paper Conservation, Interpretive Programs or K-12 field trips planning, Community Engagement and more!

History shapes, inspires, and informs the present. We strive to bring forward, share, and preserve the diverse histories that make up Minnesota’s complex past. Experience Minnesota history through our network of historic sites, museums, and exhibitions, our extensive collections and research, and our thought-provoking educational programming. Join us! Cultivate your curiosity and experience powerful engagements with history today.

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Volunteer & Intern Program Manager

(651) 259-3187

345 Kellogg Blvd W

St. Paul



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