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St. David's Center

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Human Services

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Therapists, Interns, Paraprofessionals, Part Time Staff

St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development is a regional leader in child and family development, working to create a healthy, vibrant society in which every member fully contributes to its success. We offer therapeutic, educational, and support services, including mental health and pediatric therapies, autism treatment, home visiting, an inclusive preschool, and disability services.

Together with families and community partners, St. David’s Center prepares children for success in school; builds skills; improves mental health; strengthens parent/caregiver-child relationships; and builds capacity for caregivers to support children with challenging needs. We reach over 4,300 children and families annually across the Twin Cities metro, in our two centers in Minneapolis and Minnetonka, in 30 partner sites, and in well over 1,000 homes.

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Recruiting and DEI&B Manager

(952) 548-8661

3395 Plymouth Rd




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