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Wilderness Inquiry

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Agriculture & Natural Resources Conservation| Area, Ethnic, & Multidisciplinary Studies| Education| Sciences: Biological & Physical| Other

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Elementary Education| Environmental Science| Social Studies/Sciences Education| Teacher Education, General

Wilderness Inquiry’s mission is to connect people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to each other and the natural world through shared outdoor adventures.

Through the medium of outdoor adventure travel, we inspire personal growth, enhanced awareness of the environment, and community integration. Our adventures encourage people to open themselves to new possibilities and opportunities.

Since 1978 we’ve directly served more than half a million individuals from all walks of life - diverse youth, individuals with differing abilities, and others who face barriers of use to public lands and waterways. Our programs such as Canoemobile, Gateway to Adventure, and Families Together help connect people to the outdoors and each other.

At Wilderness Inquiry, we believe that everyone belongs. We work to ensure this belief holds true in our workplace, in our community, and in the outdoors.

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Program and Staffing Manager


325 Randolph Ave. Suite 300

St. Paul



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